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Problems vs Solutions

Documentary: Tomorrow

My post is late this month. I made a commitment in 2016 that even if no one out there was reading them that I would at least post a blog entry by the 2nd day of each month! This past month has brought me many "problems" as well as for the people around me-sorrows, sleepless nights, confusion. What do I write about, what do I say that would inspire people?

So, during these "low times" I get on the Internet and Google "good things" "happy people" "hope" stuff like this...I recently came upon the trailer for this documentary titled simply, Tomorrow, and thought this was what I needed! People who sought solutions!

I've spent many years working in the helping profession as a counselor, and in communities advocating for children, abused women, animals, and so forth and I have witnessed many people create and find more problems. Often it seems, these are people actually working in the helping professions... It's as though the act of helping produces a mind set to find more problems (co-dependent mind at work but that's another blog). There appears, in these circles, an easier ability to become offended at everything and everyone and find only "what's wrong." A younger version of myself did this to excess at times! These "problem" people have been a mirror for me but have also helped me recognize that change really only comes thru love and compassion and "seeing the way thru together" rather than the mind set of "I will find what's wrong with this and not let up until I'm recognized for my ability to find what's wrong with this!" Ever notice these people often have a weak sense of humor and.... Anyway, now I'm finding more problems with the people who only find problems-sorry...

I have not watched this film Tomorrow, just the trailer, the link is above and I encourage everyone to open your heart, use your creativity and start finding more solutions in your lives!

Thank you for reading :)

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