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Yoga Nidra

In this practice you will be guided thru a personal experience of integrating mind and body. This is a practice that brings you to a state between sleep and dreaming and can assist in relieving tension while easing the mind and body. It returns you to the present moment. Thru yoga nidra, your body  learns what it feels like to practice being in the moment and expand your awareness with self. 

Private, in person sessions catered for your needs - $150/90 minute session. In this session you will receive an introductory "lesson" (based on my work as a clinical psychotherapist and yoga teacher) on the topic we will focus on (i.e. anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc), as well as asanas, mudras and sounds that will help in your healing. The session will finish with a 25-35 minute guided yoga nidra practice.  

To schedule an appointment please email me at or call/text 720-938-6071. 


"Yoga nidra with Chris was informative and soothing. Chris touched on how our bodies react to stress and anxiety and led a calming practice that brought on deep relaxation. Her voice is majestic. She even provided after care notes for reflection and continued exploration. We would highly recommend her and her teaching." Melissa and Renae

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